Lost Worlds

Upcoming Projects

At launch, Lost Worlds will also be dropping a number of native projects to showcase the creative opportunities the platform presents, here are a few on the roadmap.


The first official project to drop on the Lost Worlds platform, Portals is a landmark series, where travelers can visit real world landmarks to mint alternative worlds, or Portals where they've been overtaken by some disaster.
Read more about the Portals NFT project below

The Lost Summit

Lost Worlds partnered with 34 of the most well known AVAX projects to drop over 900 NFTs at Avalanche Summit. We wanted to use our location based NFT platform to showcase the vibrant and growing Avalanche ecosystem.


Continents are geographically bound NFTs connected to Earth's seven continents. This limited edition series contains 250 NFTs per continent and gives people a chance to use the Lost Worlds platform around the world.


States is another project launching on Lost Worlds. This project aims to bring the travel poster collection experience to NFTs. In each of the 50 United States, collectors will find limited edition NFT posters representing the state in which they are located.