Lost Worlds

Platform Mechanics

How Does Lost Worlds the Platform Work?
This section will outline how the Lost Worlds application works.

Lost Worlds Taxonomy

Lost Worlds brings NFTs to the real world by creating a new dimension in the Web3 universe called the Lost Layer, where you have to be in range of a specified location to mint an NFT. At the highest level the platform is broken into a hierarchy of three things:
Projects, Locations & NFTs. Lets take a look at each one:
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    Projects can contain multiple locations and NFTs. This can be anything from an Artist Series, Events, In-Store Promotions, to NFT Games.
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    Locations are areas on the map where you can find specific NFT drops. Within each Project, there can exist multiple locations, and within each location there can exist multiple NFTs. Both Projects and Locations can be easily viewed from the Discover page.
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    NFTs are the unique creations that live within Location(s) of a Project. You can tell if you are in In-Range / Out-of-Range of an NFT using the map, or by viewing the lists view on the discover page. Remember you have to be In-Range to actually mint an NFT.