Lost Worlds

What We Do/Don't Do

NOTE: Lost Worlds is an ambitious undertaking that will evolve both the use case and composability of NFTs within the web3 ecosystem. As the project evolves so will our roadmap.
The community will have a large say in our development strategy and those who want to be a part of the Lost Worlds journey should join the discord.

What are the initial deployments of the Lost Worlds platform

  • On-chain location capture and metadata handling (following the format Uniswap v3 did for constructing their NFTs to represent LP)
  • Robust location spoofing mechanisms that are hidden from the client
  • Decentralized infrastructure when available - Arweave for image storage, on-chain metadata for the NFTs, and roadmap includes plans to host our API + hosting itself on Arweave
  • Ability to buy and sell NFTs on the secondary marketplace
  • Explore to Earn - NFTs that can generate LOST tokens, rewards, and other forms of earnings using geo-location

What Lost Worlds is Not Trying to Do at Launch

  • A decentralized location based protocol services platform - there are many other projects and services trying to do on-chain decentralized proof of location, and while a portion of our tech utilizes custom location based services, we also use/plan to use existing protocols (web 2 & 3) to bolster our location based NFT services.
  • Be 100% spoof proof - Our aim is to become completely spoof proof; however, as we've learned with notable platforms such as Pokemon-Go this is a significant challenge to overcome, and to the point above, there are a number of protocols already working on this problem. We see ourselves as an experience platform that will continuously adopt the latest technology as it evolves to ensure the best user experience.
  • A secondary NFT marketplace - We don't see ourselves competing with an OpenSea or Kalao. While we have both a primary and secondary marketplace that is designed to support and incentivize participants on our platform through royalties & rewards, our NFTs are accessible and tradable on other platforms.