Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds Use Case

Lost Worlds is a place for creators. A place to explore and interact with the world in ways not seen before. Below are examples of ways the Lost Worlds platform can be utilized by creators of all kinds.

Series & 1 of 1's

Whether it is a one of one, or one of many, artist can now use location as a new form of scarcity and artistic expression.
For example, artist who have creations in the real world, can offer their audiences NFTs, for visiting their artwork in person.


Whether the locations are predefined or randomly generated, game creators can now use location based NFTs to bring quests into the real world. Lost Worlds also provides a high level of customization per project, which allows for fun dynamics such as unlockable locations, unlockable NFTs, time-based locations, and so much more.

Brand Activations & Events

The Lost Worlds platform effectively lets brands, retailers, entrepreneurs and events leverage location-based drops as a “Digital Storefront”.
This creates a unique opportunity to leverage NFTs for exclusive discounts, access to rare clothing, tickets, in-event merch, and other ideas that can exist on top of physical stores, events, and other locations.

Music Drops

Artist royalties and distribution has been a contentious issue in the music industry for over a decade. Blockchain technology has promised artist a way to cut out the middleman. Lost Worlds builds on this, allowing artists to drop their Music and Digital Merch, wherever they like in the world - with built in royalties.
We expect some artist to also use the platform to tell a story with their content. For example, dropping individual tracks, or merch at specific locations that communicate certain aspects about an album or project. Or you can gain access to special tracks, if you attend a live show.

Location Generative NFT Projects

Projects like Crypto Punks, Cool Cats and Bored Apes Yacht Club established a market for generative NFT projects that ascribed various traits to a base creative model, where scarce traits and unique combinations equated to the value of the NFT.
Lost Worlds is introducing a new form of generative NFT projects - Location Generative - where randomized NFTs can be dropped at random locations for users to discover and mint.
This concept means games and PFP projects can now leverage location as a fundamental component of their project. *This will not be live for launch.

Location Based DAOs

From local municipalities to volunteer organizations you can now use geographically bound NFTs as a tool for governance in the Metaverse and real world. Location based NFTs on Lost Worlds bring utility to local community.

Creations never thought of before

The Lost Worlds platform is designed to be for creators and explorers. Meaning we want to create a space for creators to create things that explorers want to Seek, Find and Mint. If you new ideas jump in our discord and share with the community.
Given the curated and custom nature of each project, Lost Worlds takes a 10% commission for each project that drops on the platform. As the platform evolves this fee may change to a paying upfront with a set amount of LOST tokens or reduced based on how many LOST tokens the creator is staking.