Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds NFT Types

Lost Worlds currently generates standard subtypes of erc-721 NFTs native to the platform, learn more below

Collectible NFTs (ERC-721)

Similar to the NFTs minted on a Desktop, Lost Worlds' Location Based NFTs can represent a variety of different digital assets. These Collectibles can range from Artwork (JPG, PNG), to Video (MP4), or Music (MP3).

Voucher NFTs (ERC-721)

Voucher NFT are a fairly novel concept in which a Voucher can minted and redeemed for things like merchandise, tokens, access to event, already minted NFTs, and more.

How do Voucher NFTs work?

Using a Web3 mobile wallet and the Lost Worlds app, users can find Voucher NFTs at various locations on the map.
After a Voucher NFT has been minted, a user can visit their in-app collection to activate the Voucher by pressing the redeem button, triggering the user to sign the action with their wallet.
Physical Merch still has to be redeemed in-app, but will need to be collected IRL
Once a Voucher has been redeemed, the NFT Voucher changes to “redeemed” and a notification email, including the winners wallet address, is sent directly to the project/company. At this point, either a digital prize is airdropped, or the Voucher is ready to be used IRL.

Badges (Non-Tradable ERC-721)

Taking a page out of the Web2 world, Lost Worlds is introducing achievements & badges to the Web3 space. One way we are bringing these dynamics on-chain is by introducing non-tradable ERC-721 badges. These badges can be earned by completing achievements within the Lost Worlds platform.