Lost Worlds

Location Based NFTs

Geographically Bound Digital Assets
Lost World is expanding the way NFTs can be experienced, while rewarding creators, explorers and collectors for using the platform.
In order to mint NFTs from real world locations you will need to travel to an NFT drop on the map. Once you are there, you will need a mobile device & mobile crypto wallet such as MetaMask to mint an NFT.
When you mint an NFT from a given location, you earn the rights to sell or trade that NFT on the marketplace. NFTs on the marketplace are accessible to everyone regardless of location; however, the metadata of the NFT will always state the location where the NFT was originally minted on-chain, denoting proof that someone went to that physical location to mint.
Note: Users can only Mint NFTs using their mobile phone

How do we do prove your location/anti-spoof?

Verifying a user's locations whether on or off-chain comes with a variety of challenges that have stumped many projects before us. While we aim to be 100% Spoof Proof, it is important to note that we are a location-based experience platform. Our platform does not try to solve for on-chain proof-of-location.
The focus for Lost Worlds is to provide the best location minting experience for both our creators and users, experimenting with novel location based technologies to bring NFTs into the real world.
The way in which we address location tracking and anti location spoofing is novel as well as non public, that said; generally speaking, the way in which we track a users true location is as follows:
  1. 1.
    We collect and send a set of location data from the front end of our app
  2. 2.
    That information is sent off-chain to a Lost Worlds Validator that runs anti-spoofing mechanisms
  3. 3.
    If the data compiles, an off-chain signature is generated
  4. 4.
    On mint the lat/long of the user position is pushed on-chain within the metadata of the NFT
Future Location Tracking Implementations
  • 3rd party anti-fraud protection against known spoofing mechanisms
  • Implement further hardware and systems checks to ensure location validity
  • Warning/Punishing user that are caught trying to spoof their location
  • Implement beacons and tag technology for certain locations
  • Ad infinitum
We see a world where there are a network of validators with their own checks, where x% of validators have to agree, like a multi-sig, that the location was not spoofed.
Both validator-network and anti spoofing checks are thesis' being deployed in production for Lost Worlds. It is possible that a single validator node running multiple checks is good enough to ensure proof that the user who is minting is where they say they are minting.
We are in the process of testing and validating our hypothesis, exploring multiple location based technologies in both web2 and web3 to bolster the platforms experience.
We will be offering bounties for developers looking to help us build on our foundation and test our thesis'.