Lost Worlds

Creating on Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds is a place for creators and communities. A place to explore and interact with NFTs in ways not seen before.
The platform is curated, meaning projects are vetted by the Lost Worlds committee. We chose to be a curated platform to ensure the quality of projects, manage the scale of the platform, and create space to work with creators one on one.
Over time, the projects selected will be dictated by the Lost Worlds community.
If you're a creator that wants to launch on Lost Worlds, get in touch with our team by filling out this form. You can also hit us up on twitter, or discord.

Variables Creators Can Control

For creators, every project's smart contract has the ability to set parameters related to
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates of the drops within the project
  • Total NFT supply
  • Style of NFT project (see below)
  • How much each NFT cost, whether its a flat fee or a set bonding curve related to the total supply
  • Rewards incentives and achievement unlocks. For example you can reward your collectors with special NFTs or rewards if they obtain NFTs from specific locations, or rarities. You can allow holders using your NFTs or access to your projects community via collab-land, that is tied to that specific locations mint
  • The royalty percentage and how it gets distributed, whether the creator owns the royalties or passes them on to the minter