Lost Worlds

Future of LOST

Please note the information below is subject to change

Lost Worlds proposes a closed loop economy that rewards both creators and explorers for their commitment to grow and develop the Lost Ecosystem.
  • The DAO/Treasury is the central governance system of the Lost Ecosystem. The DAO has voting rights on which projects are deployed onto the platform, as well as ownership of the treasury, which can be used to boost rewards across the platform and its various projects.
  • Explorers must stake LOST in order to gain tiered access to the platform. Depending on the amount of LOST staked, Explorers can participate in different projects and aspects of the platform, including voting rights to the DAO.
  • Creators can utilize the Lost Worlds Protocol in order to build their own location based GameFi, DeFi, and NFT experiences. In order to submit a project, these creators must pay a fee in LOST, which is deposited into the DAOs Treasury.


The primary function of the Lost Worlds DAO is to serve as the primary authority on the creative and financial direction of the Lost Worlds platform and ecosystem. As users begin staking, a DAO mechanism will be deployed that will allow for users to earn rights towards voting on the types of projects and creators that are deployed on the platform, emissions on the platform, and staking rewards, as well as other critical and not so critical issues related to the Lost Worlds platform. DAO rights will be represented by a users staking tier (i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold).